Data Migration


To enable Project Managers, Project Manager, Information Management support staff, Collection Managers to become familiar with the functionality of EMu at a user level and to understand the issues involved with migrating data from a legacy system to EMu.


A two day workshop; each attendee has exclusive access to a PC running the EMu client, an appropriate browser and other relevant desktop applications. PCs are networked to a server machine on which the EMu server and database engine are installed. Each attendee has access to a complete EMu system, including extensive sample data, and the material taught is reinforced by exercises using this system.



Course Outline:
  • Data migration process
    • What is Data Migration?
    • Summary of Data Migration Process?
    • Skills required
  • Introduction to KE EMu
    • What are the KE EMu modules?
    • What are the key elements of KE EMu?
    • Overview of the KE EMu interface
    • Navigation
  • Searching for records
    • Simple queries
    • Multiple term queries
    • Advanced query mechanisms
  • Adding, Editing and Attaching Records in KE EMu
    • Adding records
    • Editing records
    • Attaching records
    • Saving and validating records
  • Manipulating Data in KE EMu
    • Sorting records
    • Grouping records
    • Deleting and discarding records
    • Generating reports
  • Multimedia repository
    • Overview of the multimedia repository
    • Viewing multimedia resources
    • Adding multimedia resources
    • Multimedia in other modules
  • Using the Edit functions
    • Spell check function
    • Global replace function
  • Mapping workshop
    • Data Entry Exercise
    • Post Migration Tasks

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