How to use the Import Tool


Teaches how to use the Import Tool to batch import new records and to update existing records in EMu.


One or two day course depending on the skills / experience of trainees.


How to use EMu training course (or experience with the concepts covered in the How to use EMu training course).

Course Outline:

The Courseware Table of Contents includes:

  • Section 1 - About this course
  • Section 2 - The Import Tool
    • Permissions and Import Tool Registry settings
  • Section 3 - How to build an Import file
    • Data file formats supported by the Import Tool 7
    • Kinds of fields that can be specified in an Import data file 8
    • How to find the back-end column name
    • Atomic reference (an attachment field)
    • Table reference (a table of attachments)
  • Section 4 - How to update records with the Import Tool
  • Section 5 - How to append data to a table using the Import Tool
  • Section 6 - How to generate the XML by running a report

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